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Storytelling Presentations (Ages 3-18)
Kevin tells a wide variety of stories to a wider variety of ages.  Group sizes vary, and the program can be tailored to fit the needs of the audience.

For Schools/Libraries/Festivals
Story Stage                       1-80             Students
Main Stage                        81-250             Students
Festival Stage                   251+              Students

Stories Told:
Traditional Stories – Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Ghost Stories, Myths and Legends of the World, Student-Powered Improv Stories, Original Stories, Fingerplays, Multilingual Tongue-Twisters and Family Tales

Incredible Zesty Righthisveryminute Stew
A recipe of folk, fairy, and ghost tales, personal, family, original and improvised stories, fingerplays, urban legends, jokes, tongue twisters, and riddles, stewed in audience participation.  Stories are selected on the spot according to the age, stage, interests and the reactions of the students.  Storytelling is a dance between the subtle feedback of the audience and the teller, and this presentation leaves the most room for boogie-in’!  The students, through their reaction and interaction determine the direction of the presentation. 
(Available for all ages)

Folks’ World, Folks’ Tales
The folktales in this presentation just hopped off the boat from everywhere. For younger students, African trickster Anansi the Spider might share the stage with Jackal from India, or Rabbit from Korea.  For older students, romances from frivolous to fatal are featured.  These presentations include wisdom and trickster tales, myths, legends, folk and fairy tales. 
(Available for all ages)

Betchacan’t! Student Powered Stories
Stories created as a challenge from the students to Kevin.  Kevin is forced to create plausible, entertaining tales from five unrelated ideas generated by the children.  Fast paced storytelling that thrills the children to see an artist creating without a net, waiting for him to fail and wanting him to succeed.  Students as old as grade five have asked afterwards “Did you really just make that up?” 

Post session activities include writing exercises in which students get to edit Kevin’s creations. 
(Ages 8 – 14)

Betchacan’t – Visual!
Improvised stories for younger children, based on drawings by the children.  A hilarious play adventure which the children can quickly imitate and extend.
(Ages 3 – 8 small group)